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Calcium Chloride Industrial/Food Grade, CaCl2

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a.  CAS NO.:


b.  HS NO.:


c. MF:



Flakes, Powder, Pellet, Globular


25KG/bag, 1000KG/jumbo bag with or without pallets in 20′GP
or As yr requests.


HG/T 27-2004 for industrial grade;
GB22214-2008 for food grade



Packing and Loading Details:

Bulk packing- 25kg/bag, 1,000bags/20’GP container,25 tons;

1,000kg/jumbo bag, 24 tons.

Pallets packing-25kg/bag, 40 bags/pallet, 20 pallets/20’GP, Total 800 bags/20’GP, 20 tons.

Or as your requests.



Calcium Chloride


Chemical Description: Calcium Chloride

Registered Trade Mark: Yuan Nuo

Molecular Formula: CaCl2

Chemical formula of calcium chloride: (CaCl2, CaCl2 · 2H2O)

Calcium chloride dihydrate: CaCl2 ≥ 74% or CaCl2 · 2H2O ≥ 99%

 calcium chloride anhydrous: CaCl2 ≥ 94%

Appearance: white flake, powder, pellet, irregular granular, lump, honeycomb

HS Code: 2827200000


General packaging specification: 25kg Chinese or English packaging,  English neutral packaging and jumbo bags. Export packaging can be customized as 20kg bag, 30kg bag, 50kg bag and so on.

1. The bag is generally suitable for calcium chloride of flake, powder, granular and lump. The double-layer packaging method is adopted. The packaging is woven PP bag with PE linner.

Jumbo bag size: 95 * 95 * 125-110 * 110 * 130,

25kg bag size: 50 * 80-55 * 85


Property: Odorless and slight bitter taste. Relative density:2.15(25℃).Melting point:782℃. Boiling point:over 1600℃. Good moisture absorption ability and easily deliquescent when exposed to air. Easily dissolvable in water with large quantity of heat released, which aqueous solution is slight acid. Dissolvable in alcohol, acetone and acetic acid. Reacting with ammonia or ethanol will respectively generate complexes of CaCI2·8NH3 and CaCI2·4C2H5OH. After crystallization its aqueous solution will ordinarily separate out hexahydrate at room temperature, dissolved in the crystal water of itself when gradually heating to 30°C, gradually loses water if continue heating, turns dihydrate to 200°C and turns white porous texture of anhydrous calcium chloride when gradually heating to 260°C.


Industrial grade calcium chloride use:

(1) Snow melting agent: used for snow melting and deicing of roads, highways, parking lots and docks.

(2) Desiccant: used for drying nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide and other gases.

(3) Dehydrating agent: used as dehydrating agent in the production of alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic resin.

(4) Refrigerant: calcium chloride aqueous solution is an important refrigerant for refrigerator and ice making.

(5) Antifreeze: it can accelerate the hardening of concrete and increase the cold resistance of construction mortar. It is an excellent antifreeze for construction

(6) Used as antifogging agent, dust collector and fire retardant of port

(7) It can be used as a protecting agent and refining agent for metallurgy of Aluminum and Magnesium.

(8) It is a precipitant for the production of lake pigments.

(9) Deinking for waste paper processing

(10) It is the raw material of calcium salt producing

(11) It can be used as adhesives and wood preservatives in Construction Industry (Forming glue stagnation in buildings).

(12) Used to remove SO42 in the production of chloride, caustic soda and inorganic fertilizer-

13) In agriculture, it can be used as spraying agent for wheat related prevention of dry hot wind disease, preservative for apple and other fruits, salt soil improver, etc;

(14) Calcium chloride has significant effect on dust absorption and reduction:

a. Improve the level of safety in production: It can reduce the dust content in the environment and reduce the occurrence of explosion accidents during the mining process (calcium chloride is mainly used to produce a kind of surface active solution, which is sprayed on the tunnel and in the mine to control the amount of dust and reduce the risk of mine operation. In addition, the calcium chloride solution can also be sprayed on the open coal seam to prevent the coal seam from freezing.)

b. Clean the environment and reduce pollution: calcium chloride has a good adsorption effect of the dust on the road, which can improve the cleanness of the road and the visibility of the air. (calcium chloride has strong water absorption capacity because it is easy to be dissolved in water, especially easy to be deliquesced.  It can quickly absorb the water in the air to become its crystal water by spreads anhydrous calcium chloride or calcium chloride dihydrate to the ground. And the crystal water can absorb the dust in the air to become large particle sedimentation. Calcium chloride play an important role in dust reduction.)

(15) Oil field drilling:

a. Stable mud layer: it can stabilize mud layers of different depths.

b. Lubrication drilling: lubricate the drilling to ensure the smooth development of the mining work.

c. Making hole plug: select calcium chloride with high purity to make hole plug, which plays a fixed role in oil well.

(16) Adding calcium chloride into the water of swimming pool can make the water become pH buffer solution and increase the hardness of the water, which can reduce the erosion of the concrete on the pool wall.

(17) Adding calcium chloride to the water of the marine aquarium can increase the available calcium content of the organisms in the water. The molluscs and coelenterates in the aquarium will use it to form the shell of calcium carbonate

(18) As the dihydrate powder for compound fertilizer, the role of calcium chloride in the production of compound fertilizer is granulation. The granulation is successful by using the viscosity of calcium chloride. Costly clay was used before that. And the color of compound fertilizer is black, so calcium chloride is used instead. The consumption is determined according to the land conditions. Some places add 20 jin / ton, some 30, some 50. It is used less in winter and more in spring and summer.


Specification:  flakes, powder, pellet,globular.

Quality Industrial index:

Index Item Index
Calcium Chloride Solid Calcium ChlorideLiquid
TypeI TypeII TypeⅢ TypeⅣ TypeⅤ Negotiation
Quality fraction of  CaCl2 94 90 77 74 68
Total Alkali Metals Chloride(in NaCl) 7.0 11.0
Total Magnesium  Metals Quality fraction(in MgCl2 ) 0.5 0.5
Alkalinity(in Ca(OH)2 0.4 0.4
Water-fast substance in quality fraction 0.3 0.1
Product Packaging and logistics information
calcium chloride
 Unit of measurement Ton/Tons
Modes of sale By the piece
Volume of marketable 10000
Packaging Dimension 80*50*1
Gross Weight 25.2
Manner of packing 25 Kg/bag laminated PP bag with PE liner inside
Delivery Time 15-30days
Product Information Attribute Table
attribute calcium chloride dihydrate flake
classification Chloride
model calcium chloride dihydrate
brand Yuan Nuo
application snow melting agent,oil,water treatmen,refrigerating fluid,Dry Agent
appearance white flake
purity above 74%
grade Industrial Grade
origin Shandong, China
EINECS.No. 233-140-8
molecular formula CaCl2
alias CaCl2
CAS.No. 10035-04-8
type calcium chloride
Product class Industrial Grade
Dangerous class Not dangerous goods
Art.No. Industrial grade calcium chloride
Particle size 2-6cm
Quality standard GB/T26520-2011
Main components CaCl2
PH value 7.5-11.0
Shelf life 2 years
packing 25kg,1000kg
HS CODE 2827200000

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