food grade soda ash

Soda Ash / Sodium Carbonate 99.2%min



Soda ash light is a chemical material used in an extremely broad range of commercial and industrial applications:


  • l  Glass Industries- Flat glass, Fiber glass, Container glass;
  • l  Detergent- Powder detergents for laundry and dish washing, Direct soaking of clothes, dish-washing, floor washing and for degreasing operations
  • l  Textile and Dyeing
  • l  Environment- Air emission control, Water treatment, Waste-water treatment;
  • l  A large number of chemical reactions
  • Metallurgy- Used in the process of a large number of non-ferrous metals




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Soda  Ash

Chemical Description: Sodium Carbonate

Registered Trade Mark: Yuan Du

Molecular Formula: Na2CO3

Appearance: White Powder Crystal

Property: Easily dissolvable in water with alkaline aqueous solution and heat-release, liable to deliquesce; react with acid and yield salt.

Purpose: Soda ash is one of the most important chemical raw materials and is widely used in chemical, glass, metallurgy, paper making, printing & dyeing, synthetic detergent, petrochemical, foodstuff, medicine & sanitation industries, etc. With a large consumption, it occupies a crucial place in national economy.

Specification: Soda ash light, soda ash dense, edible soda ash

The manufacture of glass is one of the most important uses of sodium carbonate.When it is combined with silica(SiO2) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and heated to very high temperatures,then cooled very rapidly, glass is produced. This type of glass is known as soda lime glass.

Soda ash also is used to clean the air and soften water.

Manufacture of Caustic Soda and dyestuffs.

Metallurgy(processing of steel and extraction of iron etc).

Flat glass,sanitary pottery.

National defense(TNT manufacturing,60%gelatin-type dynamite) and some other.

Quality Standard in Performance:

For industrial soda ash (light and dense), the standard of “Industrial Sodium Carbonate GB210.1-2004(ΙΙ)” that issued by PRC is executed, under which the product quality reach international advanced level. For edible soda ash, the standard of “Sodium Carbonate of Food Additive GB1886-2008″ that issued by PRC is executed.

Industrial Quality Technical Index: GB210.0-2004 Industrial Soda Ash.

Product Packaging and logistics information
soda ash dense soda ash light
 Unit of measurement Ton/Tons Ton/Tons
Modes of sale By the piece By the piece
Volume of marketable 10000 10000
Packaging Dimension 90*60*1 100*60*1
Gross Weight 50.15 40.15
Manner of packing 50 Kg/bag laminated PP bag with PE liner inside 40 Kg/bag laminated PP bag with PE liner inside
Delivery Time 15-30days 15-30days
Product Information Attribute Table
attribute food grade soda ash
classification Carbonate
model food grade soda ash
brand Yuan Du
application food additives
appearance White powder
purity above 99.2%
grade Food Grade
origin China Shandong
EINECS.No. 207-838-8
molecular formula Na2CO3
alias sodium carbonate
CAS.No. 497-19-8
type sodium carbonate
Product class Food Grade
Dangerous class Not dangerous goods
Art.No. Food grade soda ash
Particle size 100 mesh number
Quality standard GB1886.1-2015
Main components Na2CO3
PH value 11.6
production engineering ammonia-soda process
Hou’s process for soda manufacture
Shelf life 18 months
packing 25kg,40kg,750kg
HS CODE 2836200000