Characteristics of calcium chloride dihydrate photosphere

Spherical calcium chloride dihydrate is called spherical calcium chloride because of its small spherical shape. Spherical calcium chloride is more and more used to make moisture-proof agent and desiccant. It has strong hygroscopicity, easy deliquescence when exposed to air, easy to dissolve in water, and release a lot of heat at the same time. Its aqueous solution is slightly acidic.

Calcium Chloride 2

It is easy to dissolve in water and the dihydrate compound becomes anhydrous after losing water by heating. The main uses of calcium chloride are exothermic, low freezing point of aqueous solution, strong hygroscopicity, poor corrosiveness to metals, and accelerating the condensation of organic macromolecules.


Weifang haizhiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. spherical calcium chloride dihydrate indicators: spherical calcium chloride dihydrate (flake, spherical, powdery and various specifications of anhydrous calcium chloride), production equipment for pure stainless steel equipment, the content of more than 74% no impurities, bright white color, soluble in water, clear, colorless and tasteless. Colorless cubic crystal, strong hygroscopicity, easy deliquescence when exposed to air. Chloride ion in calcium chloride can sterilize water, kill bacteria and weaken the toxicity of water. Calcium ion can replace the metal cations contained in the effluent, separate and discharge the toxic heavy metal ions, and remove the calcium ion precipitation, which has a good disinfection and purification effect. Chloride ions play a role in sterilization. Calcium ions are precipitated into calcium hydroxide and then removed by precipitation.