Correct use of deicing agent

Snow melting agent can melt the snow on the road when the heavy snow is flying in winter. Snow melting agent can melt the snow on the road by reducing the melting temperature of ice and snow, which is convenient for road dredging, and the effect of seeding is obvious.

As the name suggests, the function of snow melting agent is to melt snow and deice instead of salt. It is mainly used as deicing and deicing for urban roads, expressways, airports, ports, bridges and other facilities. Some snow melting agents can also be used as quick melting agent and antifreezing additive for winter construction of construction projects.

The snow melting principle of chloride snow melting agent is that the freezing point of chloride snow melting agent is below zero after it is dissolved in water (snow). For example, the freezing point of sodium chloride snow melting agent (the main component of salt) is about – 10 ℃ after it is dissolved in water, and the freezing point of calcium chloride is about – 20 ℃.

The freezing point of salt water is lower than that of water, so it is difficult to form ice after dissolving salt in snow water. In addition, when the deicing agent dissolves in water, the concentration of ions in water increases and the vapor pressure of liquid phase of water decreases, but the vapor pressure of solid phase of ice remains unchanged. In order to reach the state of ice water mixture, such as solid-liquid vapor pressure, the ice melts. This principle can also explain the reason why salt water is not easy to freeze. In short, the deicing agent reduces the melting point of snow and makes it easier to melt.

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