Instructions for use of compound snow melting agent

Compound snow melting agent is the ideal choice for snow melting. Compound snow melting agent not only has the function of snow melting, but also has the function of thawing and antifreezing. In order to ensure the normal transportation and safety, it is imperative to choose snow melting agent. The specific specifications of the compound snow melting agent will be introduced in detail in the following article.

snow melting agent

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1. Appearance and chemical composition appearance: particle and sheet size: 1 ~ 10mm chemical composition: NaCl, mgcl26h2o, cacl22h2o


2. Characteristics of compound snow melting agent compound snow melting agent is made of high quality raw materials. It has the characteristics of good fluidity, low impurity content, fast snow melting speed, good thawing effect, less environmental pollution, low corrosiveness, wide application and strong economy. This type of product has many kinds, wide application range and reliable quality, which can meet the needs of different customers.

snow-melting agent

3. The application scope of the compound snow melting agent. The snow melting agent produced by Weifang haizhiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. has many kinds of products and complete functions. It is suitable for various types of roads and places in different regions (such as square, airport, park, courtyard, etc.). The freezing point of our snow melting agent can reach – 35 ℃, which can meet the effective use in alpine areas. Users can choose suitable products according to the characteristics of products and different application places.


4. Usage and dosage of compound deicing agent the deicing agent of our company can not only be spread manually or by machine, but also be dissolved into solutions of different concentrations for spraying. In the process of use, users can flexibly control according to different conditions such as snowfall speed, snowfall volume, ice thickness, air temperature, traffic volume, etc. it is better to spread a certain amount of snow melting agent in advance.


5. Packaging and storage packaging of compound deicing agent: there are many specifications for product packaging, including 25kg plastic bags inside and outside the sub bag, 25kg PE heat sealing bags, and polypropylene ton bags as the mother bag. This product can also be packaged in 50kg, 500kg, 1000kg and other different specifications, and the company can also carry out sub packaging according to the user’s requirements. Storage of compound snow melting agent: This product has strong hygroscopicity, and should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. It is strictly prohibited to be exposed to the sun and rain, and the ambient temperature is usually kept below 35 ℃;


Weifang haizhiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of compound environmental protection snow melting agent, was established in 2008. Haizhiyuan is an enterprise specializing in the production of salt chemical products. Relying on the advantages of resources and industrial clusters in Weifang, the company adheres to the tenet of serving customers with integrity and seeking development with quality, and insists on putting customers in the front position, so that the company has achieved considerable development, and was listed as a key cultivation enterprise by Shouguang City in 2017.


Weifang haizhiyuan chemical now has a complete production line of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, industrial salt and other products. At the same time, Weifang haizhiyuan chemical has established a strategic cooperation relationship with large central enterprises such as China Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd., China Offshore Oil Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Haihua Group, acting for its soda, bicarbonate and other products, realizing product diversity.