Introduction of soda ash

Soda ash is white powder or fine crystal. It tastes astringent. It is soluble in water, especially in hot water. The aqueous solution is strongly alkaline. It is slightly soluble in anhydrous ethanol and insoluble in water. It can neutralize with acids to form salts and decompose with many salts. In the air can gradually absorb water and carbon dioxide, generate sodium bicarbonate and form a hard block, reduce the quality.

Its aqueous solution is alkaline and corrosive. It can react with acid to form corresponding salt and release carbon dioxide. It can be decomposed at high temperature to produce sodium oxide and carbon dioxide. Long term exposure to the air can absorb water and carbon dioxide in the air to form sodium bicarbonate and form hard lumps.

Sodium carbonate is a strong base and weak acid salt, so the aqueous solution is alkaline. The source of alkalinity is due to the hydrolysis of carbonate in water, but its degree is very small. Therefore, it can react with strong acid (compared with carbonic acid) to form C02. Of course, this is also the process of making weak acid from strong acid. The other is that it can react with some salts. The property of those salts is that their cations can react with carbonate, such as soluble calcium salt or calcium hydroxide, and other cations.

Soda ash is widely used in building materials, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile and other industrial sectors and people’s daily life. It can be called the “mother of chemical industry”, which is derived from its alkalinity. Soda ash is mostly used in industry. As a basic chemical raw material, it is widely used in papermaking, textile, dyestuff, perfume and other industries, and can also be used to produce a variety of carbonates and nitrates. As a detergent, it can be used for wool rinsing, bath salt, alkali agent in leather tanning, special reagent for color TV, analytical reagent and photographic plate making. The by-product soda ash is used for chemical and electrochemical degreasing, electroless copper plating, etching of aluminum, Electropolishing of aluminum and alloy, chemical oxidation of aluminum, sealing after phosphating, rust prevention between processes, electrolytic depigmentation of chromiumSoda Ash coating and depigmentation of oxide film, etc. it is also used in pre copper plating, steel plating and iron alloy plating electrolyte.