What is the use of sodium carbonate

The main use of sodium carbonate is an important chemical basic raw material, its common name: block alkali, stone alkali, soluble in water, its aqueous solution is alkaline. The form of soda is colorless crystal. The crystal water is unstable and easy to be weathered. Therefore, in general, it is white powder, strong electrolyte, and has the general property and thermal stability of salt.

Sodium carbonate is one of the important chemical raw materials. It is widely used in light industry, daily chemicals, building materials, chemical industry, food industry, metallurgy, textile, petroleum, national defense and other fields. It is used as raw material, cleaning agent and detergent for manufacturing other chemicals. It is also used in photography and analysis fields. The glass industry is the largest consumer of soda ash, consuming 0.2 tons of soda ash per ton of glass. Mainly used for float glass, kinescope glass shell, optical glass, etc. It is also used in chemical industry, metallurgy and other departments. The use of heavy soda ash can reduce the flying of alkali dust, reduce the consumption of raw materials, improve the working conditions, improve the product quality, reduce the erosion of alkali powder on refractories, and prolong the service life of the kiln. It is used as detergent in wool washing, bath salt and tanning. It is used as flux for flotation and smelting. It is used as a softener in printing and dyeing industry. Leather industry is used for degreasing raw leather, neutralizing chrome tanning leather and improving the alkalinity of chrome tanning liquor. Soda ash is also used to make refractories and glazes in ceramic industry. It is used in food industry as neutralizer and leavening agent, such as making amino acids, soy sauce and flour products, such as steamed bread and bread. It can also be added into pasta to increase elasticity and ductility. Sodium carbonate can also be used to produce monosodium glutamate. Anhydrous sodium carbonate is used for chemical and electrochemical degreasing, electroless copper plating, etching of aluminum, Electropolishing of aluminum and alloy, chemical oxidation of aluminum, sealing after phosphating, rust prevention between processes, electrolytic stripping of chromium coating and oxide film, etc. it is alsoused in electrolyte of pre copper plating, steel plating and steel alloy plating.