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Sodium Bicarbonate 99%min

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Loading and packing: container shipping without pallets, 25kg in PP bag with PE liner inside,1080 bags in 1*20’GP container, total 27MT.


Pallets packing, 40bags per pallets, 1.0MT/Pallet. Pallet size: 1.1*1.1*0.1M.


Container shipping with pallets, 880bags/20 pallets, total 22MT in 1*20’GP container.


Container loading: without pallets, 20 bags/1*20’GP container, total 20-25MT.




Sodium Bicarbonate

Chemical Description:Sodium Bicarbonate

Molecular Formula: NaHCO3

Appearance:Snow white tiny crystals, odorless, salty, stable usually

Sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO ), a white fine crystal (normal 120-170 mesh, large particles 40-60 mesh in Yuhua, Hunan Province), has less solubility in water than sodium carbonate. It is an industrial chemical and may be toxic. The solid starts to decompose gradually to sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water above 50 ℃, and completely decomposes to carbon dioxide at 270 ℃. Sodium bicarbonate is a kind of acid salt formed after neutralization of strong base and weak acid, which is weak basic when dissolved in water. It can be used as a bulking agent in the process of food production. Sodium bicarbonate will remain after action, and excessive use will make the finished product alkaline.

Purpose:Mainly applied as food additive in food stuff industry, foaming agent in rubber industry, acidifying agent in medicine industry, reactor in fire fighting instruments, compounding ingredient in detergent making, detergent in movie making. Carbon Dioxide(CO2) reactor in beer, drinks, etc.

Packaging Details: 25kg/bag 、40kg/bag、 50kg/bag 、1000kg/bag

Product Packaging and logistics information
baking soda
 Unit of measurement Ton/Tons
Modes of sale By the piece
Volume of marketable 10000
Packaging Dimension 70*50*1
Gross Weight 25.1
Manner of packing 25 Kg/bag laminated PP bag with PE liner inside
Delivery Time 15-30days
Product Information Attribute Table
attribute Industrial grade baking soda
classification Carbonate
model Industrial grade baking soda
brand Jin Jing
application foaming agent in rubber industry,
reactor infire fighting instruments,
compounding ingredient in detergent making
appearance white powder
purity above 99%
grade Industrial Grade
Agriculture Grade
origin Shandong, China
EINECS.No. 205-633-8
molecular formula NaHCO3
alias Sodium Bicarbonate
CAS.No. 144-55-8
type Sodium Bicarbonate
Product class Industrial Grade
Dangerous class Not dangerous goods
Art.No. Industrial grade baking soda
Particle size 80-100 meshes 120-170 meshes
Quality standard GB/T1606-2008
Main components NaHCO3
PH value 8.3
Shelf life 2 years
packing 25kg,1000kg
HS CODE 2836300000